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What we do

How to access all China's 22 top platforms for both Audio & Video


Crew Music Asia along with Kanjian Music promotes Indie music around the world by securing their copyrights and providing them with distribution and promotion services to China.

If their music is found circulating in China in violation of copyright law we can then start the process to have it removed. This is however, only possible when artist's copyrights are secured through our official channel.

 Kanjian Music started in 2012 aiming to enable more artists to create music and more fans to discover it, leveraging technology to bring them together to the largest consumer market in the world - Asia.

A new, optimistic generation is coming of age in China now: one born in a fully modern, fully digitized country, comfortable with the consumerism of the global middle class - one that Kanjian Music understands and is truly a part of.

Kanjian Music works with a wide range of copyright holders to help them enter the market and develop a sustainable business model, providing comprehensive rights management tools and reports as well as dedicated business and promotional strategies.

Kanjian Music also connects its clients with China’s tech, film/TV, fashion and social media business worlds, creating new revenue streams and marketing opportunities. Partners include Huawei, Xiaomi, WPS, Taobao, China Mobile, YSL, Tencent Pictures, WasuTV, Toutiao, VUE and Douyin/TikTok.

Kanjian Music has already helped more than 7,000 labels and 200,000 artists to reach more than 1 billion online listeners worldwide, including China.

How our  Strategic Targeting is so effective

Crew Music Asia then works even further in China to develop your brand and place your music precisely where your listeners and buyers are.  Our team of veteran A&R and artist development staff work directly with you to ensure you fit the scene and will be recognizable. We also push your music to the massive amount of Film, Video and Television producers looking for that new sound.

We arrange all details of proposed tours based on your targeted marketplace and demographics. This also includes working with foreign embassies and agencies on your behalf to get you in legally.

 We have recording and video studios in  California USA,  and Shenzhen China, that produces high quality videos with ease and little expense.